Magical Realism Etchings and Hummingbird Paintings & Accessories

Nature - themed art can help us to remember our love for the beauty that exists around us, when we take a moment to open our eyes.This is something children do when they lay in the grasses and admire the sparkling dewdrops and wonder how did they get there.

As adults we have to work to remember these moments of being present in our life and with nature.

In my art, I strive to create magical moments, so we can remember. Then we tell these nature stories to our children to inspire care for our natural world and the earth we are all sharing.

I am from Germany, studied physics and became an engineer and then worked as a manager for an international computer company. After ten years in a cubicle I almost forget how magical life can be and I took a leap of faith with the support of fellow artists mentors to quit my job and create my own world, which includes a thriving online music business and my art.

Now I am living in the San Geronimo Valley in West Marin, where I have my studio and enjoy sharing my art, which is collected worldwide.

While I have decided to not do  outdoor art shows any longer , my work still is available online. I am going to post new work here when it becomes available.

Currently I am hosting a sale of my exhibition set - all the framed art I needed to fill an outdoor exhibition booth.