16x16 framed  Garibaldi 'Let's Dance' Blues

16x16 framed Garibaldi 'Let's Dance' Blues

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Let's Dance: two Garibaldis in front of a nesting spot with a yearling in the corner. Aquatint one-plate etching with iridescent watercolor.

The etchings are Aquatint, Aquaforte and sugar lift, on copperplates, printed on Rives BFK heavyweight acid free Cotton paper. After I handcolored the plate and printed it on paper I enriched the etching with iridescent watercolor. This color includes mica and will give the etching a golden shimmer when exposed to sunlight or a spot light. This effect is not visible online... only if you see them in original.

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The Image size for the Let’s Dance is 8x10 available as a 16x16  framed in a black wood rame

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