framed Our Sun is a Star

framed Our Sun is a Star

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the Stars are touched up with iridescent gold watercolor

Our Sun is a Star

When we look up at our day light sky and see our Sun we do not always remember that our Sun is one of many Stars in the Universe. But for us our Sun is the brightest Star we see everyday.


Good Night

The Lady in the Moon is the keeper of stars during the day. All off the night stars sleep in her big fluffy feather bed. At sunset, when it is time for the stars to get up and shine, she gently shakes her big bed and the stars fall into the sky.

Good Morning

After the stars have worked all night, they grow tired and the Lady in the Moon gathers them in her blankets so they can rest during the day.



Image size 6x4 Aquatint Etching printed on Rives BFK hand molded paper. Only a couple of the images are available as the edition is closed.

available as 11x14 matted, 14x25 matted and 14x25 framed in a black gallery style wood frame.

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